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Who is Brian Mai?

Brian was born in a family and his parents had many years of experienced business in Vietnam. Because of that, he showed off his talents in communication with customers and many necessary skills in the industry. After the Vietnam war ended in 1975, his family together with many other families were confiscated all the asset and became victimization by the new Vietnamese government. Brian is a strong young man; he couldn’t be endurable by what was going on with his family. He decided to escape from Vietnam as called “Boat People” to find other opportunities.

Brian has been living in Canada for over 30 years with many difficulties at the beginning of his new life. As many Vietnamese immigrants in early 1990, Brian worked very hard to rebuild his life. One of the goals he reached and was proud of was that he sponsored his family to come to Canada then back to school to complete a few diplomas at college. From labor job to office job then to technician job, he always works hard and tries his best to prove his entire ability and his passion for the companies he has worked for.

One day, he recognized what he could do to make life more beautiful and he asked himself “Do I matter?”. Then, he turned to the real estate industry to help as many people as possible to find their dream home across Canada. Over a year in the industry, he has had many chances to learn from many top gurus in real estate and his colleagues in the workplace. Now, he believes that he gains a lot of experiences from other people and himself to go forward in his real estate business.

Free Access To  "The 7 Steps To Home Ownership".
This Report Will Help You Have A Big Picture Of  Buying A House


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